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Tarmac Repair

Many homes and commercial properties have had tarmacadam driveways, paths and parking areas installed that have over the years started to fragment with loose chippings beginning to appear, surface break up and a general to significant deterioration in colour.

The weather and climatic conditions will over a period of time erode the imbedded resin content within the tarmac which in turn accelerates the break up and colour loss.

Pavesmart can in all but the most extreme circumstances clean, repair and then re-colour the surface with Tarmaseal™ that is also designed to re-introduce the resin content and eliminate ordelay the break up of the surface.

Many tarmac surfaces attract moss and algae growth and in many cases we are asked to treat as best as possible oil that has leaked and stained the surface.We can pre-treat moss and algae spores with an appropriate fungicidal treatment and likewise do the same with oil stains. These are treated with a tarmac friendly bio-degradable oil removing agent that will neutralise the oil stain making it much easier to be treated with Tarmaseal™.

If the surface has started to break up we are fully capable of carrying out quality tarmac repairs, filling areas that have started to break up or crack, to larger areas that require removing with a hammer and bolster and applying with fresh product.

The application of the Tarmaseal™ is a multi-coat application applied after all the repairs have cured and the surface is adequately dry.Once the surface has been treated you will have a tarmac surface that is totally transformed and sound for a good many years to come.

If you have a residential driveway or paths that are lacking in colour and you thought they were beyond help then call us now on the numbers above or click here to complete our on line enquiry form and we will call you.

For pubs, clubs, leisure centres, in fact any commercial customers that have car parking areas and paths that need refreshing and made more welcoming then please call us or complete our on line enquiry form and we will provide a FREE no obligation quotation to visually transform these areas.

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