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Block paving Cleaning and Sealing Kent

You can drive down any street in Kent and you will find numerous block paved driveways all in varying degrees of tidiness.  For home owners with time many of these high visibility areas are kept weed and dirt free with regular pressure washing, however many more fall into neglect with significant weed growth, oil leaks or oil staining combined with layers of ingrained dirt and algae growth.

Pavesmart can remedy the poor appearance in an efficient and price competitive manner. We will treat weed growth, oil stains to the surface as well as carrying out repairs that can involve lifting and relaying areas that have started to dip, resetting blocks that have become displaced through tree root damage and excessive settlement movement. We also regularly seal newly installed block paved areas to keep the weeds at bay and the area free of oil and other staining.

Following acceptance of our FREE quotation we will, if required, pre-treat any weed growth along with any oil staining.  We use a bio-degradable oil removal agent that, depending on the extent and time frame the oil has been on the surface, will normally require an application being covered and left for several days to give the product every opportunity to literally “eat” away at the oil.

Whilst we are fully confident in making a significant difference in removing the oil we cannot guarantee 100% success. Once the initial pre-treatments and repairs have been completed we will then conduct a thorough pressure wash to the entire surface removing all weed and algae growth.  For those customers electing to have the sealant service we will remove a good proportion of the kiln dried sand remaining between the block pavers then leave to air dry for several days prior to applying two substantial coats of Smartseal premium quality acrylic sealer.

If you are having our clean and re-sand service we will return after a suitable drying time and replace any kiln dried sand displaced during the cleaning process. The site is left clean and tidy with all rubbish bagged up and removed. If you are looking to sell your home that old saying ” first impressions count” is very relevant in the current environment let us transform your block paved area to impress whoever comes to visit, it could just make that difference!

If you would like a FREE site survey and no obligation quotation to pressure wash your block paved driveway or patio anywhere in Kent then please call us now on 07815 438392. Our pressure washing and exterior cleaning services cover Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Ramsgate, Whitstable and Herne Bay